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Hello Blessties!

Today’s Blog is all about the New Born Baby. What does a New Born Baby Really Need? As a waiting FTM (First Time Mom) i have gone through days of pondering and wondering about what to get for our little bundle of Joy. I have made lists upon lists and have along the line realised that the baby made end up not actually using some of these items.
We also got the Finnish Baby Box which contains the basic items (essentials). The box is really helpful and came as a huge relief to us. You can purchase the baby box, or some of the items as you desire, and also customize your own baby box as you want. The company delivers world wide, and the custom/tax fees in already inlcuded in the price so you do not have to pay extra. Check the link below:

So, I made a final list containing what, in my opinion, a new born baby really really need. I mean the basics (essentials). Every other thing is optional depending on the situation or circumstances. But no matter the situation or circumstance or mother’s taste, these items in the list below are the basic essentials a new born baby needs. So if you are a FTM do not panic anymore, check out the simplified list below:
1. Baby Crib or Bassinet
2. Stroller/Trolley
3. Car seat
4. Dresser or Storage System for baby’s clothes
5. Play mat for tummy time
6. Bouncer or Sitter
7. Baby wrapper or Carrier for close body contact
8. Breast pump if you are a working mom
9. Mattress and Cover
10. Undersheets
11. Sleeping bag or blanket
12. Thermometer for checking body temperature
13. Bath thermometer 
14. Changing Table
15. Toothbrush (for later)
16. Hair brush
17. Nail scissors
18. Baby soap and cream
19. Cotton wool
20. Toys.

Clothing Items
1. Body suits (for sleeping or as inner wear)
2. Leggings and thights
3. Romper and Stretch suits
4. Quilted and snow suits for cold weather
5.  Dresses, tops, skirts, pants, shorts, and shirts ( all according to the baby’s sex)
6. Head caps and ribbons
7. Socks and gloves
8. Insulated bootees and mittens for winter
9. Nappies ( you are going to need lots of these)
10. Drooling bibs
11. Feeding bibs
12. Sanitory towels
13. Bath towels.

That’s all! Other things are optional. Also some of the items on the list may be optional for you too depending on your own circumstance. Please let me know what you think about this and also feel free to share with us in the comment section items that you think are necessary as well. Thanks for reading. See you in my next blog. Have a wonderful day!



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