Watch the attached video for more tips.

Hello Beautiful people! Today we will be doing a little heart talk. It is all about Asking a Guy out. Ladies do you think it is okay to ask a guy out? This debate has been going on, some say yes, others say no, others say it depends. What do you say? Please let your own comment in the comment section below. In the meantime i am going to share my thoughts on this subject with you.

For me, it is absolutely okay to ask a guy out. This is the new age. We are in the new era now and gone are those days were we make up so many rules about these things. But ofcourse the way you go about it matter. If you must ask a guy out i think it will be best to do it in a lady-like manner so you still retain your self respect and dignity, and peace of mind! Imagine asking him out and he says No! Wow.
No one likes to be rejected. Rejection can make one sad, bring you down emotionally, mentally and make you even doubt your self worth sometimes. Maybe this is why so many ladies do not fancy asking a guy out. They would rather wait for him to make the first move. The problem is that he may never do so and you may end up waiting forever for him to ask you out. Then alas! one day you see him with your best friends, and 6 months later she is flashing her engagement ring in your face. Lol.
So ask him out but do it subtly and gently, and ‘offishly’. By Offishly, i mean do it like its a ‘by the way’ thing. :). Don’t put in too much pressure or press too hard to avoid coming off as desperate or needy. He could be your colleague at work, or a fellow student, or someone you have been seeing around in your neighbourhood, etc. You can always ask him if he wants to grab a cup of coffee during break or lunch, etc. Watch the attached video for more tips.
Come to think of it, the age of being overly timid is over. There are several other beautiful and intelligent ladies just like you so you got to make your own mark and go for what you want. He sees several other beautiful ladies everyday and he may be too distracted by all that to even pay attention or notice so. So you have to point his eyes towards you.
However, if you are not that kind of lady then it is okay. Maybe you are the very shy or reserved type and you don’t know how to ask him out or you are shy to do so then watch out for the next blog. The next blog is for you and its all about How to Make Him Notice You. There are certain things you can do to make a guy notice you and approach you to ask you out on a date. So Stay tuned! Don’t forget to sign up for Our Newsletter so you don’t miss out on the next blog.


8 thoughts on “ASKING A GUY OUT? YES OR NO? HOW TO”

  1. It may well be a pride thing or perhaps never been in a position to but I will not ask a guy out at all.
    I always know when a man fancies me and if I like him , I will deliberate make it easier for him to make his move.
    Great post! Thought provoking.

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  2. Yes i would especially if the guy is a finn haha. I make the first move on my bf and honestly, i was a bit weird about it at first cuz in my culture the guy did all the flirting work. But im glad i made the first move cuz my bf is super shy and if i hadn’t made the first move, i dont think we will be together now 😀
    I dont think its a bad thing for a girl to ask a guy out. Take chances and be bold cuz u never know, he could’ve end up being ur true love :D….. This is a good topic olivia, thanks for the advice :*

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