*watch this video for more tips on how to make a guy notice you*.

Good morning loves! As promised here is the Part two of the Post on ‘Asking a Guy out’. In case you haven’t read that post or watched the video in that post, i recommend that you do so. There are a lot of juicy stuff you don’t wanna miss in there.

Okay! So how do you make ‘that guy’ notice you? There is a certain guy that you fancy. You have been seeing him around, maybe at work, school or in your neighbourhood and you are not the type to ask a guy out. Maybe you are the very shy or reserved type or you don’t just feel it is right to ask him out. It’s alright! You can MAKE HIM NOTICE YOU and ASK YOU OUT.

Many ladies are very nice and have very likeable character, but how does a guy know that unless he approaches you first, talks with you and get to know you? What are those things that will make him notice you and ask you out?
1. Your Looks: Believe it or not, men are attracted by looks. It is not their fault neither is it a bad thing. It is just how they are made. Your physical attributes are the first things a guy notices before he starts talking to you and then gets to know your personality and other things about you aside from your looks. Let’s assume you guys have been working together for years and then one day you come to work looking absolutely stunning in a new hair do and lovely dress. He won’t be able to keep his eyes off you. In his head he would be saying ‘wow, i never knew Sandra is this beautiful’, or ‘wow, what a beautiful lady’, etc, stuff like that.
So bottom line, always look good, and always look your best.
2. Try and Get his attention: You don’t have to do that dramatically by falling down or anything like that. You can just walk by and say Hi with a very captivating smile on your face. Or try looking at​ him and when he looks back at you, you can immediately remove your gaze like you have been caught. Then look back at him, hold his gaze for a few seconds, smile lovingly, and look away. That is one look that he won’t forget in a hurry. This also encourages him to approach you if he senses that you like him. Men are afraid of rejection too. Maybe he has been admiring you secretly and couldn’t muster up enough courage to approach you. This particular event will immediately give him a kick towards your direction. It is easier for a guy to approach you if he thinks that you may like him too.
3. Flirting: Yes it is alright to flirt. Flirting is something that a lot of ladies take overboard, while a lot of other ladies are afraid to do. It is okay to flirt with a guy. What matters is HOW you flirt. There is no need for unnecessary flirting or dirty gestures like sticking out your tongue at him. Imagine sticking out your tongue to a guy at the other table just because you fancy him. That would send the wrong message across to him. He may end up thinking you just want Sex or a one night stand. And that is the last impression you want to give a guy that you really like to have a long lasting relationship with.
So take it easy with the flirting. Just a subtle smile, playing with your hair while you talk with him, looking at him in the eyes, battling your eye lashes at him, etc are enough. *watch the attached video for more tips on how to make a guy notice you*
4. Make it Fun: Finally, be a fun loving, easy going and likeable person to be around. Make him want to spend time with you again and again by making sure that each time he spends with you is enjoyable. Contribute intelligently to conversation. Let him know that you are beautiful as well as intelligent.
With all these in play, every guy would want to be with you and create a long lasting life with you. Enjoy!
Don’t forget to watch the attached video for more tips and details. Also feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.
See you in my next post.






  1. Awesome post dear, I’m guilty of using all these tips,lol but still were still praying for the right guy, cuz most times the guys I like are either married, girlfriend or plain not interested in me.. Lol, but we shall keep pushing on… Thanks for sharing


  2. Great stuff Olivia!
    I usually rely on my smile to make him know that I am interested too. It works all the time but only on a guy who already likes me because I don’t want to smile at a random guy and end up looking like a weirdo lol!
    I love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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