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Feminism Today; Exactly Where Does The Strength Of A Woman Lie?

Recently I find myself pondering over the whole issue of Feminism, Girl power, Girl Boss, Slay Queen, Slay Mama (did i forget any? Please help me out by adding it in the comment section), and how the world is changing today. I’m happy about that. I am glad that finally women are beginning to stand up for themselves, speak their minds, generate income for their families and at the same time do excellently as a mom and a wife. Truthfully, that’s aaaalot of work!
Okay! Having said that, the question still remains; Exactly where Does the Strength of a Woman Lie? Is it in her Character? Her Appearance? Her words? In between her legs? If you carry out a survey on this, the answers you will get will surprise you. Heck! I would give you a funny answer myself. This is because every woman is unique and different in her own way. But…..! There is the one major place that the Strength of a EVERY woman lies NATURALLY. Aha! It’s not what you are thinking… I give you a Hint: We all know about the Proverbs 31 woman. In fact she is used to set a standard for wives in Churches today. Check her out (proverbs 31: 10-31), she is all over the place, career-wise, home-wise, wife-wise, mother-wise… She got it all covered.
Okay so here it is; The Strength of A Woman Lies in BEING A WOMAN. It flows Naturally. A woman has been created with an amazing amount of Strength that most of us don’t even know about. A woman can multi task (which a man can’t do by the way), she can cook, clean, do the laundry all at the same time,whisking from one part of the house to the other, and at the same time in a conversation with someone. And let’s not forget those of us that are working and taking care of the home at the same time. Think about it: BRAINS + BEAUTYย + STRENGTH, all in one person. What more can we ask for?
Today, we live in a world full of envy, strife and competition. Everyone wants to Excel at all costs, we get so distracted with these things that we find ourselves putting our focus in the wrong things and looking for answers in the wrong places. My dear beautiful sister, look no further, search within. The Answer lies within you. Your Strength lies within you. Use it. Discover You and Be You. Be the Woman that you are, 100%. Girl,You got this!
Thanks for reading. See you in the next post.


6 thoughts on “Feminism Today; Exactly Where Does The Strength Of A Woman Lie?”

  1. Great post Olivia!
    My first comment disappeared so I am remaking my point.
    I believe our strength as women is within our ability to spread positivity and offer support. This our original purpose, we are influencers.

    Liked by 1 person

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