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Stop Doing It Please. Hold On To What Works For You

This morning as i was having a quiet ‘me time’ and nursing my morning cup of tea, the leftover salmon pie in the refrigerator kept popping up on my mind. It took a whole lot of energy not to dash to the fridge and just cut a piece for myself. :). I must admit though, most of the energy came from the fact that I was saving the salmon pie for brunch later. Haha ๐Ÿ˜€

So recently i have been trying to loose some of the baby fat i gathered during my pregnancy. Presently i am very impressed with the results so far. Initially losing this weight was such a Herculean task not because the extra fat was unbeatable, but because heavy exercising and all that back breaking moves are not just my thing. I love exercising, but when it comes to the serious heavyweight, muscle building type of workout, then I’m as lazy as a whale. Over the years, till now, i have always successfully lost weight with Food, and very little (basic) exercises at home. ย So i was like; ‘Why not find out what works best for you, and hold on to it?’.
All i have to do is watch out for the ingredients on the pack, make sure i check and cross check them before buying any food product, cut down on sugar, eat lots of veggies and leafy greens, stay away from foods that are too fatty, make sure i don’t eat late at night, and so on. I call them Health Hacks. In fact I have a video on myย My Youtube Channelย where I shared some Easy, Simple but very Effective Health Habits That will Help you Stay Fit and Healthy. Check it outย Here.
All these has proven to be a very effective way of losing weight for me. With regards to Eating Right, I recently made a very detailed video on about What I Eat In A Day To Loose Weight and How I Make Them. Watch itย Here.
When it comes to daily exercises, keeping it simple but consistent has given me the best result possible. Initially, i would take on the exercise with all vehemence and zeal but end up overworking myself. So i decided to stick to the basic easy exercises like Walking, sit ups, squats, and the likes. With these, i am sure of a gradual consistent weight loss journey without having to break any back or burn myself out.
So yes girl, it’s alright to want that ‘perfect’ bikini body and flat stomach. But it is definitely most satisfying to be Healthy. Exercising should not only be done because you wanna loose weight, but because you wanna be Healthy, Fit and Happy. So honey, Find out what works best for you, and Hold On To It.
Cheers and see you in my next post.


12 thoughts on “Stop Doing It Please. Hold On To What Works For You”

  1. Great post as always and completely applies to how I am currently feeling . Thank you for tips and encouragement.
    I like that I am not the only one struggling with weights because it makes me feel normal lol!
    Food is my biggest struggle at the moment but I shall over come.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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