Why Do I Feel This Way? Am I Being Untrue To My Heart?

Hello there! Hope you are enjoying the summer? Well I am, or at least I’m trying to. :). Frankly speaking, I have not really been my chatty energetic self these days. Don’t ask me why, because honestly, I have no idea. Recently I find myself feeling unmotivated, and this often leads to laziness in my case. I have a long list of videos to shoot and upload on My YouTube Channel  (which by the way is becoming very demanding lately due to the tons of video requests I get by email). Thank God I enjoy making these videos, if not, who knows, maybe I would have given up by now. *chuckles*

So, back to the topic, would I say I am unhappy? No. I may spend the whole day walking to and fro the almost empty apartment (relax, we are moving :D), in an unmotivated lazy zombie walk, but as the day draws to an end, thoughts of being together as a Family again fills my heart and I am revitalized. Now what would you say is the reason for this state of mind? Surely I know the Lord. I love Him and He loves me. Oh yeah! Don’t you know that You are precious to Him? You should Watch This Video .  In fact the main thing that keeps me occupied everyday (when i’m not shooting or editing a video), is Gospel music. I have a long playlist on Spotify that I listen while I cook, clean, pack, and even think.

Or maybe the simple truth is that I need some new friends. I do have some YouTube, internet friends (haha). I also have some physical friends that I haven’t seen in a long while. Some live in a very far away land, some are out of touch (but not out of mind though), some are very busy, and some have found new friends. :). So yeah, maybe I need to focus on meeting new people and making new friends. I guess I just have to create time for socializing (with my 11 months old daughter fastened to my waist belt).

Be True To Your Heart
I bought this pendant from Kontti (Red Cross) flea market, and I find the inscribed words very awakening and inspiring.

This morning I found myself constantly pondering over the words inscribed on this pendant above. So I asked myself; Am I being Untrue to my heart? Have I stopped doing those things that give me Joy? What are those things that make me who I am? Do I still find passion in those things? And then Voila!  I found my answers! I realized that I have gotten waaaay too busy with things and stuff. Like I said earlier, we are moving to a new place and I have a lot of packing and planning to do. I have a little princess to take care of, I have a YouTube channel, and a Blog, and Facebook groups and Pages to manage. The list is endless. But what about Me? How often do I take time out for me? I have a video where I talked about taking time for oneself and de-stressing. You can watch it on This Link. You should also try and read my Blog Post here on How To Reduce Stress where I talked about this in detail.

Now why am I saying all these? My dear, I just want to encourage and remind you of these basic things which we tend to forget sometimes. In all things, at every point in time, it is absolutely necessary that you stay true to your heart. It is okay to get busy with things sometimes. In fact, we cannot avoid that. But what you can do for yourself is to make sure that amidst all that hustle and bustle, you find time for the things that make you happy. Look inward and listen to your heart, pay close attention to your passion, and most importantly; Be true to your heart. You Gotta Do This For You.

That’s it friends! I hope this motivates you and puts a smile on your face today. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post.





14 thoughts on “Why Do I Feel This Way? Am I Being Untrue To My Heart?”

  1. Thank you so much for this Olivia
    I have been feeling exactly the same way and seriously looking for a way out. I know that my hay fever has contributed to my lack of energy lately. Your post has motivated me.

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  2. Great read! Staying true to one’s heart or self, requires vulnerability and intentionality. It is only then, that onecan begin to function in his/her full potential. I love your transparency in this post!


  3. So, this write up got me thinking, what is my passion, what is that thing I really love to do? After lot of thinking, the only answer I came up with is being with my family. I or We need to create and plan more family time. That for sharing 😚😚


  4. unfortunately this is waht living abroad does to us. my friends back home moved on with their lives. i find myself constantly stuck with peoole who dont even get my humor and i theirs. so what to do? learn thier ways and make new friends . glad you wrote abiut this its a very touching topic. and not only us travelers. its about growing up i think i miss the good old day when i had no responsibilities .


    1. Hahaha, you are so right dear. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a week off, and be free as the bird? But then I don’t think I can do that. I would miss my husband and baby like crazy.


  5. You are so right…I moved to a different country 9 years ago, I lost a lot of physical friends and building new and lasting friendship is hard especially when you have a job, a home to run and a new baby.. gotta look in and do something special for yourself once in awhile

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